Donald Trump Jr. Under Fire For Anti-Zelenskyy Tweet

It also gave Twitter users a chance to slam Donald Trump Jr. for making another clueless, out-of-touch comment that attempts but fails to own those damaged libs.

Zelenskyy’s trip, his first travel outside Ukraine since February’s Russian invasion, came after US lawmakers agreed to give the country $45 billion in additional assistance.

The idea of ​​helping Ukraine battle Vladimir Putin’s invasion apparently didn’t appeal to the former president’s firstborn son, who attacked Zelenskyy on Twitter by calling him “basically an ungrateful international welfare queen.”

The “welfare queen” slur was a Republican red-meat term coined by Ronald Reagan while running for president in the 1970s to attack anti-overty policies that followed the civil rights movement.

However, many people on Twitter pointed out that the Trump scion was the wrong person to decide who or what constitutes a “welfare queen” for a wide variety of reasons.

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