Four More SEGA Genesis Titles Come to Nintendo Switch Online — GeekTyrant

Nintendo has added four more SEGA Genesis games to the NIntendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership. Now, gamers can enjoy Golden Ax II, Alien Storm, columnsand Virtual Fighter 2 on their Switch. I’m actually surprised since I feel like we usually only get about two titles at a time. Are you excited to relive or try out any of these titles?

  • Golden Ax II is set three years after the battle with the evil giant Death Adder. Now, the wicked emperor Dark Guld obtains the power of the legendary Golden Ax and leads a clan of demons to conquer the world. Join heroes Ax, Tyris and Gilius and embark on a sword-and-sorcery adventure into a strange world inhabited by revamped wizards, lizardmen and minotaurs to end Dark Guld’s reign of terror.

  • In Alien Storm, a vicious alien species invades Earth and it’s up to the fearless Alien Busters to stop them! Choose from three heroes – Garth, the bazooka-wielding tough guy, Karen, the lone wolf with a flamethrower and scooter, the robot with an electromagnetic whip – and neutralize the alien threat, solo or with a friend, in this port of the fan -favorite arcade game from the team behind Golden Axe.

  • Fall for the classic puzzler Columns, a captivating falling-piece puzzle game with glimmering jewels and soothing audio. Connect gems in horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines to clear them and increase your score. Plus, you can play several different modes, including two-player Doubles and Flash Columns!

  • Step into the ring with Virtua Fighter 2, the 2D SEGA Genesis version of the popular 3D fighting game. Choose from a variety of fighters, including Akira, Jacky, Sarah, Jeffrey and Wolf – each masters of styles like bajiquan, jeet kune do, pankration and pro wrestling – and throw down to earn the title of the world’s greatest fighter. Ready? GO!

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