Monty Williams, Deandre Ayton Have Heated Exchange At End Of Loss To Wizards

Monty Williams and Deandre Ayton had a heated exchange during a timeout late in the Phoenix Suns’ 113-110 loss Tuesday night to the Washington Wizards.

The exchange occurred with Phoenix down, 107-100, with 43.4 seconds left.

“It was the whole team in those moments,” Williams said after the game. “It wasn’t just Deandre, it was the whole group out there not executing properly. It was a bit of frustration, but that happens. That was not an isolated one-person or one-player thing.”

“We weren’t really exchanging words,” Ayton said. “We’re a family. He knows how to talk to his boys and his boys know how to just communicate. Obviously, the whole world see it, but it’s really all love and just getting us back to regroup and just take out the confusion .”

Williams and Ayton had issues during their Game 7 elimination in last year’s playoffs and didn’t speak again until the start of training camp.

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