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It’s the end of the year and everyone is making their lists of favorite games from this past year. The Game Awards already crowned many games as winners across various categories including Splatoon 3 as the best multiplayer game and Elden ring as Game of the Year (shocker, I know). However, different people have different preferences for games and so we here at GeekTyrant will be sharing some of our favorite games from 2022. Let us know your favorite games from the year in the comments below.

Tommy Williams

When I saw the trailers for Cult of the Lamb, it looked like a huge joke and that its whole thing was going to just be a meme machine or something. I wasn’t expecting much. Thankfully, while the game is very comedic in various ways, it is exceptionally well-crafted. The gameplay is absolutely incredible and feels great to play. Whether you’re busy making sure your Followers don’t try to abandon your cult or out slaying false prophets and gods, the game is just fun. I would highly recommend grabbing a copy for yourself at your earliest convenience and it’s on all the major platforms, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4/5, and Xbox (affiliate link). Physical copies are available from select retailers including GameStop (affiliate link).

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