Ray Fisher Calls Out James Gunn and the Filmmaker Responds — GeekTyrant

Ray Fisher still has very bitter feelings toward Warner Bros., and now he’s coming after new DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn. Fisher called out Gunn on his now-deleted tweets that backed Alan Tudyk‘s supportive opinion of Joss Whedon.

Gunn liked one of Tudyk’s tweets regarding his experience with Whedon, and at the time Ray Fisher called Gunn out on it. The filmmaker apologized for liking the tweet and then that apology tweet was deleted a few months later. So, Fisher, who is keeping track of Gunn’s tweets, called Gunn out for deleting it.

Gunn responded revealing that his Twitter account is set up to automatically delete tweets “every few months.” Fisher is seriously not happy with WB and DC or really anyone who is involved with those films.

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