Calendar of walkouts from ambulance drivers, Royal Mail to rail for December and January

Disruption is set to plague the UK this winter as industrial action planned by trade unions will bring the country to a halt.

There is some form of industrial action planned for every day in December as rail workers, including staff at Eurostar, nurses, teachers, security guards handling cash, driving examiners and rural payments officers have announced strikes.

The true scale of the disruption is set to be significantly worse, as the union representing civil servants, including Border Force officers, Passport Office staff and National Highways employees, has backed strike action. Border Force officials will hold an eight-day strike over the Christmas period.

With soaring inflation fueling a cost of living crisis, unions are demanding bumper pay increases for their members. Inflation is at 11.1pc, a 41-year high.

We’ve compiled a timeline to breakdown which strikes will be happening on each day in December:

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