One survivor found after Thai navy warship sank


After a Royal Thai Navy warship sank in rough waters late Sunday, rescue teams have discovered five bodies and a new survivor on Tuesday. Around two dozen people remain missing, officials said.

Around 76 others have been rescued of the 105-member crew that was on board when the ship sank. footage of the search-and-rescue operation shows officials pushing someone around in a gurney late at night into an ambulance.

The most recent survivor, Chananyu Kansriya, was found in the sea at around 2:15 pm on Tuesday — more than 36 hours after the ship sank while patrolling an area of ​​the Gulf of Thailand amid a storm. Kansriya was found around 37 miles from the location of the ship’s sinking, and was discovered by a cargo ship, according to the Royal Thai Navy on Twitter.

Heavy winds and harsh waves have continued to hamper the search operation. Royal Thai Fleet Commander Adung Pan-iam was quoted in local media saying the seas were the roughest he has seen in a decade.

Still, the navy tweeted Tuesday that it would “use every second to continue searching.” In its emergency response, the Thai navy sent helicopters, military vessels and now unmanned aerial vehicles to the Gulf of Thailand, it added.

Given their exposure to the elements, survivors must be located soon, the regional navy commander ice Admiral Pichai Lorchusakul saidreports Reuters.

Dozens of Thai sailors missing after navy warship sinks in choppy waters

Some of those rescued are being treated at a hospital.

The ship sank during the storm when flooding knocked out the ship’s electric system, and impacted the boat’s large engine, officials said. The crew lost control of the ship, and to exacerbate the sinking, seawater began leaking on the vessel. Footage of the boat shows it completely tipped onto its side.

Naval officials also said authorities would investigate the sinking, including reports from survivors to Thai media that there was an insufficient number of life jackets on board.

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